Strategi Rasulullah SAW dalam Mengukuhkan Kestabilan Negara

Prophet’s Strategy in Strengthening the Stability of a Country

  • Ahmad Izzuddin Abu Bakar Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia


Rasulullah SAW is a muʿallim which means an educator in all situation. He is not just a messenger but also a governor and political leader. Primary sources of sīrah such as al-Sīrah al-Nabawiyyah written by ʿAbd Malik b. Hishām recorded two phases of preaching which are marhalah Madaniyyah and marhalah Makkiyah. The second phase includes the approaches to his governance and administration. This aligns with the city of Madinah that fulfills the general requirement of a country which is the citizen, districts, government, and sovereignty. As a leader of a country, Rasulullah SAW develops strategies to stabilize the newly built country. A stable and harmony country is one of the biggest blessing given by Allah SWT to His believers as stated in many ṣaḥīḥ hadith. Strategy established by Rasulullah SAW can be categorized as an internal and external strategy. The internal strategy can be seen when Rasulullah SAW accomplish a treaty with the non-muslim citizen of Madinah, ensure the supply of food is always available and administer strong economy sector to generate wealth. Whereas, the external strategy is by showed by the resilient of its army in order to alarm the enemy and established a peace treaty with neighboring tribes all around Madinah.

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